How to Eliminate Fear from Cats?

Cats usually get frightened when they interact with new people and new locations. Following are the few steps that will help you to overcome their fear.

Identification of Cat fear and Aggression

If you wanted to teach your cat that not to be aggressive then first, you should be able to find what triggers the fear and aggressiveness. The cats having some fear learn quickly that when they get aggressive, scary things go away. Once they learn this behavior, they make it their habit to get rid of fear.

Once you have identified the triggers. Your half of the job is done. You have now much easier way to eliminate fear in your cat. If the cat’s fear or aggression is mild you can simply eliminate it by avoiding the triggers that makes them furious. In this case no other treatment may be required.

Call your Vet

If you Find that your cat is displaying a sudden change in behavior, then your first step is to schedule a visit with your vet. This happens few times that aggressive behavior is because of some medical condition in the cat. This require immediate checkup and treatment.

Safe Locations

You must Increase the numbers of quiet areas and hiding places for your cat so that she may feel secure in home. Elevated places such as shelves and small boxes help cats to hide there which make them feel secure.

Stress Release

Direct eye contact usually make them frightened, that leads to aggressiveness. If one cat is making aggressive behavior, separate her from others and make her calm distinctly. Use feliway type products to ease the stress.

Exercise, playing and Training

Try to provide few playing toys and training stuff to build confidence in them. A pole or laser light pointers makes them sharpen their skills and keeps them busy. They find it joyful. Hence its unlikely that they will show aggressive behavior.

Does Your Cat Enjoy Bath?

If you really wanted your cats to enjoy baths, then you must follow the below mentioned technique and make sure your cats loves it.

Before the Bath

Try to intact your cat with the space by taking her to the tub’s weeks before a bath. This will help her to get use to of the space. Place your cat in the empty container or fill it with the toys her other stuff. This will help her to make positive association with the space and she will not be then frightened of respected place. Try spreading treats, like a small amount of cheese, cream and other stuff that she love to eat. The cat will lick the stuff and will enjoy being there.

As you see that your cat is now inclined towards this place and feels secure here, then, you fill start filling tub with few inches of warm water. Scatter the toys throughout the bath tub. This will then help her to enjoy it to full. You also slightly indulge with her and play with her and her toys to reinforce her positive actions.

During the Bath

You have to make sure that you do not spray on her face or put water in the ears or eyes. There are certain touch receptors in cat body. Its natural for them that when these receptors are grazed by water, they began to hate it. Therefore, watch her body language to avoid this. Also, make sure you wash the shampoo properly to prevent skin itchiness.

After the Bath

In last step, you have to lift the gently out of the water and promptly wrap her with a clean and warm towel.  If your cat us uneasy with the lift, then leave her alone and allow the water to drain out naturally. Cats usually get dry in few hours. Therefore, in that time they should be kept warm.

World’s Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Its easy to find the smartness of a cat. They usually have distinct behavior with a lot of energy and mischief attitude. Most of the cats usually indulge with their owners and help them with certain activities. They also interact frequently with other pets and household animals.

Abyssinian Cat Breed

This is the most famous cat breed in United states because of its intelligence and smartness. This beautiful cat breed is very kind, active and lively towards humans. They are supper smart, highly intelligent and intact with human activities. Abyssinians is not lap cat breed, yet they flourish with human consideration, particularly through petting or prepping. They do enjoy the company of other animals as well.

These cats are vigorous and agile. They are fond of climbing and playing with the toys. They are also very quick learner and provide prompt respond to their training.

Balinese Cat Breed

This cat breed is much like Siamese breed except for the coat length. In fact, this cat breed has much longer hair as compare to the Siamese breed. This breed was actually a result of genetic mutation, which gave this breed the attribute of long hair. This breed was named after a famous and graceful Indonesian dancer of Bali.

Balinese Cat breed is very much loyal and kind towards his owner. They almost indulges in every activity of house.

Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal cat breed is known for its catchy appearance and huge size. This is the only cat breed which has spotted pattern on skin that resembles with few wild cats and animals like jaguar and few species of leopard. This breed is actually a cross of household cat with Asian Leopard Cat.

This is the most active breed. They love to play, climb, run and jump. They are fond of exercise. This means you must have enough space for them.