Does Your Cat Enjoy Bath?

If you really wanted your cats to enjoy baths, then you must follow the below mentioned technique and make sure your cats loves it.

Before the Bath

Try to intact your cat with the space by taking her to the tub’s weeks before a bath. This will help her to get use to of the space. Place your cat in the empty container or fill it with the toys her other stuff. This will help her to make positive association with the space and she will not be then frightened of respected place. Try spreading treats, like a small amount of cheese, cream and other stuff that she love to eat. The cat will lick the stuff and will enjoy being there.

As you see that your cat is now inclined towards this place and feels secure here, then, you fill start filling tub with few inches of warm water. Scatter the toys throughout the bath tub. This will then help her to enjoy it to full. You also slightly indulge with her and play with her and her toys to reinforce her positive actions.

During the Bath

You have to make sure that you do not spray on her face or put water in the ears or eyes. There are certain touch receptors in cat body. Its natural for them that when these receptors are grazed by water, they began to hate it. Therefore, watch her body language to avoid this. Also, make sure you wash the shampoo properly to prevent skin itchiness.

After the Bath

In last step, you have to lift the gently out of the water and promptly wrap her with a clean and warm towel.  If your cat us uneasy with the lift, then leave her alone and allow the water to drain out naturally. Cats usually get dry in few hours. Therefore, in that time they should be kept warm.