How to Eliminate Fear from Cats?

Cats usually get frightened when they interact with new people and new locations. Following are the few steps that will help you to overcome their fear.

Identification of Cat fear and Aggression

If you wanted to teach your cat that not to be aggressive then first, you should be able to find what triggers the fear and aggressiveness. The cats having some fear learn quickly that when they get aggressive, scary things go away. Once they learn this behavior, they make it their habit to get rid of fear.

Once you have identified the triggers. Your half of the job is done. You have now much easier way to eliminate fear in your cat. If the cat’s fear or aggression is mild you can simply eliminate it by avoiding the triggers that makes them furious. In this case no other treatment may be required.

Call your Vet

If you Find that your cat is displaying a sudden change in behavior, then your first step is to schedule a visit with your vet. This happens few times that aggressive behavior is because of some medical condition in the cat. This require immediate checkup and treatment.

Safe Locations

You must Increase the numbers of quiet areas and hiding places for your cat so that she may feel secure in home. Elevated places such as shelves and small boxes help cats to hide there which make them feel secure.

Stress Release

Direct eye contact usually make them frightened, that leads to aggressiveness. If one cat is making aggressive behavior, separate her from others and make her calm distinctly. Use feliway type products to ease the stress.

Exercise, playing and Training

Try to provide few playing toys and training stuff to build confidence in them. A pole or laser light pointers makes them sharpen their skills and keeps them busy. They find it joyful. Hence its unlikely that they will show aggressive behavior.