Your Dog is Injured or NOT?


If you are trying to find that either your dog is injured or not, then you should do it with great care. Firstly, do not move her rapidly or too much. This is because if she has a head, neck, or back injury then this will be fatal for her.

If there is a chance of bleeding, you have to use neat and clean towel or other respected material on the wound to stop the blood flow. More and more fresh fabric should be use if the blood seeps through the previous one. Do not lift the bandage it will increase the blood flow from the wound.  Make sure the wound area is elevated.

How to Cater an Injured Dog?

Splinting is the technique which can be sometimes useful for leg injury discomfort, while moving. Unfortunately, if there is a bad break, this method would be too painful. Moreover, it can also cause other serious problems as well.

The dog should be provided a great care and stability. It is the key element while transporting him. If you are not transporting it on your own car then you should cover his all the sides with blanket. This would be like a stretcher and will provide proper support. Other surfaces that could also be used are the trunk of car, a plastic made bed or on a rug.

Dogs in the car, once again, require great care and must be secured. Pillows can be rolled around; towels can provide him with the sense of padding and support. Or you may cover him with a blanket.

Comfort of your Dog

When the dog is injured, try not to move him and prefer minimal physical contact. You must sit beside them quietly and speak in soft tones to soothe him. Do not try to hug them, this will only make them hurt more.