World’s Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Its easy to find the smartness of a cat. They usually have distinct behavior with a lot of energy and mischief attitude. Most of the cats usually indulge with their owners and help them with certain activities. They also interact frequently with other pets and household animals.

Abyssinian Cat Breed

This is the most famous cat breed in United states because of its intelligence and smartness. This beautiful cat breed is very kind, active and lively towards humans. They are supper smart, highly intelligent and intact with human activities. Abyssinians is not lap cat breed, yet they flourish with human consideration, particularly through petting or prepping. They do enjoy the company of other animals as well.

These cats are vigorous and agile. They are fond of climbing and playing with the toys. They are also very quick learner and provide prompt respond to their training.

Balinese Cat Breed

This cat breed is much like Siamese breed except for the coat length. In fact, this cat breed has much longer hair as compare to the Siamese breed. This breed was actually a result of genetic mutation, which gave this breed the attribute of long hair. This breed was named after a famous and graceful Indonesian dancer of Bali.

Balinese Cat breed is very much loyal and kind towards his owner. They almost indulges in every activity of house.

Bengal Cat Breed

Bengal cat breed is known for its catchy appearance and huge size. This is the only cat breed which has spotted pattern on skin that resembles with few wild cats and animals like jaguar and few species of leopard. This breed is actually a cross of household cat with Asian Leopard Cat.

This is the most active breed. They love to play, climb, run and jump. They are fond of exercise. This means you must have enough space for them.